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Shoals PdM Infrared Surveys, Condition Monitoring Service maintains modern, reliable tools driven by a carefully selected team of testing experts.

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  • Predictive Maintenance Services

Reliability Maintenance Services Providing Vibration Analysis,Infrared thermography Inspection Surveys,Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Bearing monitoring,  Using The state of art predictive maintenance tools, We provide predictive Maintenance Services

Our Predictive Maintenance Services

Available in GA and TN

Our specialties include providing machine condition monitoring and identifying defects in motor bearing vibration, gearbox bearing vibration and pump bearing vibration. HVAC chiller vibration monitoring, service and repair. Marine and ship condition monitoring services, electric crane condition monitoring and testing services, wind generation condition monitoring and vibration analysis, offshore oil and gas production predictive maintenance programs, refinery machine condition monitoring and power plant vibration analysis services.

​​​Ultrasonic Inspection Services

Ultrasound technology is a great supplement to any existing condition monitoring program, but can also be effective on its own as a small scale predictive maintenance tool. Popular uses of ultrasound include:

  • Monitoring bearings for early signs of wear and poor lubrication issues
  • Locating steam, air, and water leaks
  • Identifying pump cavitation
  • Locating MCC panel faults including arcing and tracking

Bearing Monitoring  with ultrasound during the lubrication process helps ensure just the right of amount of grease is applied, as levels will drop off sharply once it has enough. This helps prevent under and over lubrication. This is a great predictive maintenance tool as up to 70% of mechanical failures can be attributed to poor lubrication practices!

Typical Infrared Inspection services

Power Transmission line inspections prevent high voltage failures which can result in fire and facility power interruptions. Electrical power line failures are one of the leading causes of fires in the field.

Many customers choose to implement an infrared inspection program on a quarterly or even annually basis to monitor all energized lines and catch potential defects when they begin. Click here to view more samples of power line defects and reporting formats.

Electrical switch gear inspections save companies thousands of dollars in providing a predictive maintenance tool for repairs prior to failure. The reason many insurance companies provide a reduction in rates based on the implementation of a good infrared inspection program is because of the proven benefits to minimizing lost production and maintenance costs. By routinely implementing infrared inspection on rotating equipment, defects can typically be monitored for more advanced stages of failure before scheduling repairs. Click Here to view more samples of Motor Control Circuitry inspections and reporting options.

Mechanical related inspections are less common, but provide an exceptional compliment to a rotating equipment monitoring and diagnostics. Infrared provides an excellent alternative to monitoring inaccessible equipment such as pillow block bearings in cooling fans, or loose belt and poor sheave conditions. Poor lubrication and excessive load conditions can be easily detected with infrared and corrective action taken prior the evolution of defects in which vibration analysis typically detects these conditions in some applications. Click Here to review additional examples of mechanically related defects and sample reporting.

SPM provides infrared inspection services using FLIR technology. Infrared technology provides an excellent complement to vibration analysis in reliability applications as well as electrical applications and is a great addition to any predictive maintenance program. Our technicians have been trained by FLIR as Level lll Thermographers and are qualified to provide infrared services in most applications. Our infrared digital cameras detect abnormal thermal patterns and are beneficial at identifying the source of defects.