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Shoals PdM Condition Monitoring Service maintains modern, reliable tools driven by a carefully selected team of testing experts.

Ultrasonic Transmitters

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Alarms, Trending and Signal Analysis

Making sense of the data you collect is essential to an effective predictive maintenance program. Ultranalysis Suite lets you establish baseline readings and set alarms that tell you when your equipment is transitioning from good to bad.

SDT gives you the tools to structure your surveys, perform data trending and advanced signal analysis.

  • With custom alarm levels you can see asset conditions at a glance
  • Static data trending allows you to track an asset’s condition over time
  • Analysis of dynamic data spots fault conditions in critical rotating assets.

Trending Static Data  

Sensors  & Accessories

The versatility of the SDT270 is enhanced by a vast range of sensors and accessories making virtually every inspection possible. SDT sensors add ergonomic comfort and personal safety to your surveys.

  • Contact probes, threaded sensors and accelerometers perform acoustic lubrication, vibration analysis and routine data collection of rotating assets, steam traps, valves, and hydraulics.
  • Non-contact sensors such as flexible sensors, extended distance sensors and the parabolic dish find compressed air, steam and vacuum leaks, electrical faults, worn or misaligned couplings, belts and chain drives.
  • Transmitters fill a volume with artificial ultrasound to identify tightness integrity issues with vehicles, ships, buildings, clean rooms, vacuum chambers and more.

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Compressed Air and Vacuum Leaks

Compressed air is expensive to produce yet ​35-40% of demand is wasted by leaks. With the SDT270 you can find all your leaks quickly and safely so you can save money while lowering your carbon footprint.

Tightness Testing

  • Reliability Maintenance Services
  • Wide field infrared survey explorer

​Everything leaks. The SDT270 finds leaks in cars, buses, clean rooms, shipping containers, hatch covers, rail cars, hospital clean rooms, refrigeration units, zero oxygen storage facilities, and envelopes Anywhere tightness integrity is demanded. Many of your processes use large machines that rotate at low speeds. It can be difficult to monitor failure stages of low speed bearings with vibration analysis. The SDT270 is the perfect companion to vibration analysis, capturing dynamic sound files to perform failure mode analysis in the Time Domain using SDT’s Ultranalysis Suite Software (UAS).

Pump Cavitation

Cavitation causes inefficiency and Catastrophic damage to pump systems. Your pump cannot build sufficient head. Head resulting in lowered capacity and Shortened PF curve. Extending the life Span of your pumps is so easy with the STD 270 and RS1 contact sensor.

Non-Contact Sensors

Bearings - Acoustic Vibration Monitoring (AVM™)

Your production depends on healthy rotating assets. You can monitor the condition of your plant’s machinery with the SDT270. Trend and analyze ultrasound, vibration, temperature, and RPM. The SDT270 and UAS alert you when things transition from good to bad.

Acoustic Lubrication

Incorrect lubrication of bearings shortens their Lifespan. Knowing when to grease, and how to much to grease, are the keys to optimizing bearing lubrication. Predict re-lubrication intervals and add just the right amount of grease with STD’s integrated  ultrasound greasing solutions.

Contact Sensors

Steam Systems

Working steam traps keep your steam system pure, safe, and energy efficient. The STD270 delivers ultrasound and temperature data so you can identify all your failed traps and keep your steam system productive and healthy.

Reciprocating Compressors 

  • Reliability Maintenance
  • Wide field infrared survey explorer

Reciprocating compressor failures can cost millions of dollars in repairs and downtime. The SDT270 identifies fault conditions earlier than any other technology providing a large window to predict expensive downtime and inefficient operation.  

  • Predictive Maintenance Services

Reliability Maintenance Services Providing Vibration Analysis,Infrared thermography Inspection Surveys,Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Bearing monitoring,  Using The state of art predictive maintenance tools, We provide predictive Maintenance Services

Electrical Faults

Partial discharge is a constant threat to your safety, and the health of your electrical systems. The SDT270 reveals electrical fault conditions in metal clad switchgear, substations, and overhead transmission and distribution lines. Use SDT and listen before you look.